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Nulon Nationals '17

Nulon Nationals aims to bring motorsport clubs together for a fun, laid back event. Amateur, budget and pro drivers all gather to become friendly rivals. Although a diverse selection of cars appear, all tastes are respected at Nulon Nationals.   The community has grown over the years to create a great motor racing event for all to enjoy. The NSW BMW Drivers Club made a very bright appearance. The classic's giving the modern a run for their money with this BMW M3 E30.    

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Through the Valley

BMW cruise through The Hunter Valley Hosted By The NSW BMW Drivers Club   May 2017 Drivers met at Windsor McDonalds to grab a coffee and chat before driving the winding roads towards NSW wine country. Along the way we also picked up a bright Volcano Orange McLaren.   It was nice to see a forgotten classic like this M5 out on the roads. Giving it some jandal.         The BMW's sitting pretty in front of the stunning wineries and mountains in the Hunter Valley.   We couldn't keep our eyes off this Yas Marina Blue M4.   Not only was the drive amazing, but the views at our lunch destination took everyone's breath away.   We then enjoyed a long lunch ending with a...

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Alfa Addiction

There's no chance of feeling blue in these Alfa's Last weekend we had the pleasure of watching these Alfa's parade the track at Eastern Creek (Sydney). The sound, the smell and the beauty of these Alfa's are sure to leave you addicted. Always needing another fix of that raw and untamed driving experience. These enthusiasts are living their dream in petrol heaven. The Alfa Giulia Sprint GT's styling has aged beautifully. Credit deserving to the designer Bertone, who designed the car in the 1960s. Then there was this Alfa GTV... The owner took a risk with this bright blue paint, needless to say it payed off. *Tries not to drool on device* We hope you enjoyed looking at these Alfa's as much as we did!...

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