Jaguar Restoration Gods

 We meet with the Thoroughbred Sports Car Club (TSCC) early on a Sunday morning in Mt Colah (NSW, Australia) for coffee and a quick catch up before heading to the Central Coast. 


We arrive at Concours Restoration workshop to be greeted by perfectly restored Jaguars. A family business that started in 1993, still produces the highest quality British classic car restorations. It is evident that great pride and care is taken in building and restoring these cars up to concours condition. 


Aluminum body panels handmade even better than the factory originals. 

What looks like bullets are actually special instruments used to hold body panels in place before pop riveting. One by one they are removed and a pop rivet takes their place.


Thanks for having us,  


3 Mildon Road Tuggerah NSW 2259


  • lindalfalann

    Hi All,

    Really great picture profiles and angles , it made the content even more interesting , keep it up and we look forward to more picture perspectives.The skilled aluminium work is art itself .

    Keep us posted for the next portfolio.

    By the way your bespoke hoodies and tee’s fit and look great thank you , nice colour options too in the flesh.

    Regards, Lindalann

  • Miljan

    Great photos! Thumbs up to the photographer.

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